Hi, My name is sandy and this website “Perfect Placidity” is a reconciliation and restoration ministry.

This ministry is created to help jumpstart those who feel stuck and dis-spirited.

Being broken, lost, stuck, dispirited, damaged, e.t.c is a messy situation... I know because I have been there...

Now that I no longer reside there, I want to plug into you and help jumpstart your growth back to what is written in the books of heaven concerning you.

I do this in various ways-:

- Personal Prophetic Words

-Personal Revelatory Words

- One-on-One Spiritual Counseling (reach out via email for this)

It is your choice to pick which you would like because it is you that knows your situation.

It is all about bringing God’s intervention into your situation.

I hope to instill a perfect peace in you in the storm through our lord Jesus Christ.

Thank You for reaching out.